Trailer Terminology

Trailer Terminology

Trailer Terminology 1

Trailer talk - From Bow To Stern

We would venture to guess that the majority of boat owners start out their ‘careers’ as boat owners with vessels of trailerable size. There are those rare few boat owners that start out dockside, but again, most will be trailered to and from the water.

And that involves maintenance as well as repair of their trailers in order to make the most of their boating experience. After all, nobody wants to wake up early on a Saturday morning with thoughts of hookin’ up filling their heads, only to spend their day on the side of the road waiting for a tow truck.

Therefore, a bit of maintenance is in order to help ensure a safe journey. And part of that maintenance will include the R&R (removal and replacement) of various parts. In an effort to help when ordering the correct parts, the following is a ‘breakdown’ of the parts involved in creating a “ready to roll” boat trailer, as well as the correct terminology.

As with all things, a bit of preventative maintenance can go a long way to enjoying a successful day on the water and avoiding a long afternoon on the side of the road.

Hub AssemblyTrailer Terminology 2

BrakesTrailer Terminology 3

  1. Backing Plate
  2. Brake Pads
  3. Brake Adjuster
  4. Tension Springs
  5. Brake Shoe Pivot
  6. Wheel Cylinder
  7. Tension Springs

Trailer Terminology 4

  1. Caliper Mounting Bracket w/ Mounting Bolts
  2. Inverted Flare Brake Line Fitting
  3. Brass Bleeder Valve
  4. Caliper Assembly
  5. Brake Pad Set
  6. Hub & SS Rotor Assembly w/ Bearings
  7. SS Bolts

WheelsTrailer Terminology 5

AxlesTrailer Terminology 6


Trailer Terminology 7

Eliminator Torsion Axles

Suspension travel and shock absorption are handled by four cords inside the axle housing. As the wheel moves up or down, the rubber cords compress, offering a progressive rate of resistance. With a progressive “spring” rate, small bumps are handled by a soft initial rate, while larger bumps use a stiffer rate. This makes for a smoother ride over all types of roads.

Trailer Terminology 8


Trailer Terminology 9

Springs & U-Bolts

Trailer Terminology 10

Spring HangersTrailer Terminology 11