San Diego Fishing's "Boating Basics"

Welcome to San Diego Fishing's "Boating Basics". Your #1 online resource for all things boating.

Seeing a distinct need within the So. Cal. fishing and boating community, we originally launched both San Diego as well as San Diego's "Boating Basics" with the intention of establishing highly informational, as well as engaging, online platforms for both boaters, along with the local and visiting fishermen and women.

With the local So. Cal. area DIY boaters in mind, launching San Diego's "Boating Basics" appeared to be the perfect recipe, allowing them quick and easy access to endless boating and fishing tips & tricks, enabling them to experience the most amazing off shore excursions possible.
From our numerous years of personal "on the water" experience and the many questions that have been asked in that time, as well as all of the situations encountered along the way, we knew there was most definitely a need for information in all regards.
From the DIY guys, the first day newbies on up to well seasoned anglers, all could benefit in one way or another from the knowledge of others who've been there, done that, and returned to tell the tale.
Knowing how precious time out on the water is, and how easily even the smallest of mistakes can ruin an entire trip, why not do your best to eliminate all the possibilities of that happening right from the start. Much better to be prepared than to have to get prepared. Especially last minute.

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